Hi, i'm blankie

I usually go by different names online, but a friend started to call me this occasionally and I liked it ^_^ . I wanted it to be a brutalist website in style which is very simular to the 90s geocities but minimalist with a select colour scheme, plus it is simple so I don't have to do a shid ton of stuff to add to it.

I love design and programming, and will be doing computer science at uni in a couple of months, hopefully. I normally like to have a project going, currently it is: A shiddy discord bot...

I hope I keep this site updated, and use it for a long time.

Thanks for looking at this not even half done site, and sorry for spamming uploads :p


07/01/2020 : Added to design, added to blog

03/06/2019 : Made the blog page

30/06/2019 : Got rid of some bugs, added to not_found.html and tweaked some issues within style.css, planning on making Blog and Programming tomorow and / or tuesday

29/06/2019 : Switched around index.html to design.html, added to index.html some random notes

Before 29/06/2019 : Created nav and the design.html, which was originally index.html