07/01/2020 : Well, I have been busy, I'm going to uni now which is cool, happy I got into the uni I wanted! However a lot of thought went into my identity, I'm trans. It feels right but I also hate myself because of it. Also hey I talked to my brother about trans stuff and trauma and he said he was sorry and stuff. I'm happy he did but wish he said sooner. Finished my first exam. Fuck maths.

03/06/2019 : I'm tired but my parents are still here, so I can't exactly make any new clothes, plus I literally have no materials except from finding old things and using scissors to make this stuff.

02/06/2019 : Well shid I guess I am going through with this, I finally made some makeshift clothing, specifically a choker. I feel way more comfy in my own skin when wearing it. Also, ended up downloading 16gb of music "Legally" using some cool tools to do it fast!

01/06/2018 : Everything is fluid and not static and I got to remember and adjust to it, but it makes me feel more lonely.